Day 1 in Krakow

I started off the day with an 8.5 hour flight from Chicago to Warsaw, which was the longest flight I’ve ever had. Our plane was a Boeing 787 Dreamliner; and yes, it’s as luxurious as it sounds. The food they served was decent, I had a container of chicken, rice, and vegetables. A side salad, bread roll, and a slice of cake. I slept on and off from midnight until 4:30 am (Wisconsin time), I tried taking a sleep aid but it didn’t seem to work too well. Airplane seats are really uncomfortable once you’ve been sitting in them for more than 2-3 hours. At one point in the night we hit pretty bad turbulence, probably the worst I’ve ever experienced. Our plane had a really cool monitor on the back of each seat, and it told us where we were in flight, how high up we were, how fast we were going, and the outside temperate, but most importantly: how much time we had left in flight. Around 5:00 am they served us a box with a ham & Swiss sandwich and yogurt in it, and a candy bar. We traveled a total of 4,675 miles and arrived in Warsaw at 1:30 pm polish time (6:30 am Wisconsin time)

We then had a connecting flight to Krakow. We had to get on a bus once we went through the gate, and then the bus drove us out to the plane! There’s pretty low security here, the door to the pilots cabin is wide open. I made friends with a little boy, probably 2 years old or so, who kept dropping his toy and I’d pick it up for him. It’s 81 degrees here!! Since we arrived in the middle of the day, it was quite hot. The flight from Warsaw and Krakow was only 40 minutes, which was roughly the same time I spent when I flew from Madison to Detroit. I went from a plane with 9 seats across to know one that only has 4 seats across, quite a big difference… and we weren’t on the Dreamliner anymore- that’s for sure. My luggage didn’t make it from Warsaw to Krakow, so I’m currently without clean clothes. I’m hoping the luggage gets here within the next day or so. Of course I didn’t pack any extra clothes in my carry on backpack, so I’ll be wearing dirty clothes tomorrow.

Once we arrived to our hotel in Krakow, we headed out for dinner. We ate at a place called “Chtopskie Jadto”I ordered Polish beef rolls with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. The food was really good! After dinner, we walked around the city square for a couple hours. I learned that a woman walking around with an umbrella is actually a hooker. The employees of restaurants stand outside and try to bring you in to their stores. The wifi in the hotel only works in the lobby, so I don’t get much connection-which is okay with me.

That’s all I have for now. So far, so good!


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