A Rough Morning

Saturday May 28, 2016

Today has been a rough day. I set my alarm clock wrong, so I woke up at the time our bus was suppose to leave for the next city. I sprained my ankle the night before so the morning was very painful. I threw all my belongings in my bag and got out of the room as fast as I could. I have a feeling that I left some stuff in the previous room but I’m not for sure. We had a 5 hour bus ride to the next city of our trip called Lublin (pronounced lube leen) we stopped at a gas station/ restaurant on the side of the highway. Apparently it’s common in Europe to have very nice restaurants connected to those gas stations. 

We arrived to our next hostel at 2:30 pm. This time I was in a 4 person bedroom on the 3rd floor. This hostel is a lot nicer than our previous one and not as noisy. 

There were a lot of teenagers at the last place so it was quite obnoxious. We only had a short amount of time to put our bags down before we had tours to go to. Walking through the streets of Lublin was very neat! Both of my professors made comments that this town seems more like a Russian city- so I found that quite interesting. 

We first went to Lublin castle. This castle was a lot more interesting to me than the Wawel castle in Kraków.

 After the inside tour of the castle, we went up the tower. At the top, there was a beautiful view of the city. Prisoners used to be held in the rooms of the tower during WWII when the nazis occupied Lublin. 

After the tower, we went to have dinner. I was STARVING. I hadn’t really eaten much all day since I get motion sickness when we travel around in the vans here. I think it’s a combination of the manual vehicle and the way they drive here- they’re quite crazy drivers. At the restaurant, I ordered a chicken breast covered in mushroom sauce, with a side of potato wedges and glazed carrots. The food was really good. I also tried the onion soup, asparagus, tofu, and pizza of the people I was sitting by. I didn’t like the tofu at all. The menu had raw meat as an offering so that was very different. Of the raw meat, they offered horse meat- that was disturbing. We tried going to a Mozart concert at the castle, but we got there too late, and the people wouldn’t let us in since we had 16 people (they were quite rude). We then just stayed in the town for an hour or so to explore. We saw a bike competition going on in the middle of the city area so that was cool. When we got back to the hostel, we received our towels. The towels we were given are only slightly more durable than a paper towel, and we had to pay 4 Polish Zloty for each one, so roughly $1 each. They weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, but they definitely aren’t functional. It was a long day with a lot of traveling, but it’s nice to be in a new city experiencing a different lifestyle! 

As a side note, here are some fun facts about Poland:

95% are Catholic

There is a very poor relationship between Poles and Jews

They drive very crazy here

They have Ford here, but it’s a European style Ford and considered a more expensive car.

A surprising amount of people know/understand English. But it seems to be less common now that we are out of touristy Kraków

They have chain restaurants here that we have in America. So far I’ve seen Pizza Hut, subway, McDonald’s, and KFC

They get really mad if you try to pay with larger bills


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