Day 2 in Warsaw

Wednesday June 1, 2016

This morning, we took the metro (subway) to the other side of town so that we could visit the old Warsaw ghetto. It has since been turned into an apartment complex. It seems odd that people would want to live in a place where Jews were kept and treated horribly by the Nazis, but as I’ve said before, the people of Poland aren’t that educated on the Jewish history of their country. At the site of the old ghetto, we saw the remains of one of the walls, in which a couple bricks have been removed: one for the holocaust museum in Jerusalem, and Washington, D.C.

I think it was interesting to see the site of where the old ghetto was. It’s weird to think that some 70 years ago, the place that I am standing in was a place where people were kept as prisoners, and had to fear for their lives while living in horrendous conditions. There is actually an outline of the ghetto still visible today. There is an engraving that has taken place of the perimeter of the ghetto in order to remember the site of the Warsaw ghetto. 

After the ghetto, we visited a Jewish synagogue, and later to a Jewish cemetery. 

The way that the cemetery is divided was quite intriguing to me. It is split up into three main groups: men, women and Torah. From there, it is divided into subgroups: married men, unmarried men, married women, unmarried women, and women who died while giving birth. I’ve never heard of a cemetery being divided up like that before, so that was one of the most fascinating things I’ve learned about the Jewish faith. I’ve never heard of a religion burying their book of faith before, so that was a new concept for me. The gate pictured is the remains of the original cemetery gate 

 That night a few others and I went to the Marriott to see a view of the city. It was fun walking around at night and seeing a different side of the city that you don’t normally see during the day. Since today was one of our only full days in Warsaw, I wanted to get the most out of the experience and see as much as I could.

So far I don’t like Warsaw as much as the other two cities I’ve been to in Poland. Although I typically favor larger cities, there’s just something about Warsaw that I don’t care for. We’ve been moving pretty quickly from city to city, and we have seen a lot of sights. I’m definitely going to sleep for a long time once I get home. 


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